Free Legal Advice Clinic

On Wednesdays between 12:30pm and 2pm, Main Street Legal runs a free legal advice clinic. This provides individual meetings with lawyers for free legal advice in all areas of the law that we cover. No appointment is necessary but, at times we may have to cancel the clinic due to lawyers being unavailable, therefore we suggest you contact our office on 04 527 9727 on Wednesday morning to check.

We will tell you if you need a lawyer to help you, what it will cost and if you would qualify for legal aid.

Some of the issues that may be addressed include:-

  • Family law including domestic violence, separation, relationship property, issues for unmarried parents, child support, custody and parenting plans.
  • Debt and bankruptcy.
  • Real estate.
  • Employment and wage claim Issues.
  • Contracts, warranties and/or consumer disputes.
  • Wills, estate planning, probate, living wills, enduring powers of attorney.
  • Criminal and traffic charges.
  • ACC matters.

How to Prepare for Your Lawyer's Appointment

  • Decide on the desired outcome or goal.
  • Write a list of specific questions for the lawyer.
  • Bring to the appointment:-
    • Agreements or contracts (signed or proposed)
    • Written rules or policies
    • Court Orders
    • Court papers served on you or that you filed with the Court
    • All letters or emails to and from the person, agency or business with whom you have the disagreement
    • Specific paperwork relating to the case.  For example, employee handbook, parenting plan, diary notes, protection order, lease, rental agreement
  • Organise any paperwork from most recent on the top to oldest at the bottom.
  • Identify all deadlines.
  • Tell the lawyer about these deadlines.
  • Be prepared to tell the history of the dispute with the lawyer.